Monday, July 17, 2006

J.N. Darby on the Papal System

Anybody been missing Darby?

John Nelson Darby wrote:

"What is the Papacy? Satan's fiction to answer all this (the Church of Christ). While men are kept down in the lowest desires of a depraved world, in the bondage of the corrupt affections of a nature alienated from the gift of God, it presents a head on earth, earthly in his interests and in his objects, knitting together in a body, not a people separated out of the world to spiritual objects, but one tied by the closest interests to maintain his earthly supremacy, and with it their own importance upon earth, and in an earthly way; and by this universal and astonishing scheme of antichristianity, which is antitheism, precluding the application of the divine word, the instrument of sovereignty, to the souls of men. In short, the system of Popery I look upon as an entire counterpart of the Christian scheme, set up by Satan on the decay of faith to hold its place, uniting men to an earthly head and to each other by those interests from which Christianity delivers, and keeping the world in bondage, instead of leading men to heavenly things out of those interests, to be humbled in the presence of the world's dominion. The members of the Papal system will accordingly be found, in their interests, objects, and activities, such as would result from such a system. We know, blessed be God! that, in result, the kingdom of His Son will be glorified in the splendour of its great Head, and the destruction of that antichristian counterpart, by which Satan has deceived the nations under the pretence of Christianity."

Taken from Considerations Addressed to the Archbishop of Dublin in Collected Writings, vol.1, p.6

Darby was not yet an Evangelical when he wrote this. He was still an High Churchman, who emphasised the sacraments and the authority of bishops.

Monday, July 03, 2006

It is Official

It is official that from today I have read all 34 volumes of J.N. Darby's Collected Writings.

I may not be in fellowship at any Brethren assembly, but I sure can out-Darby any man of Plymouth.

I carry a Scofield Bible too.