Monday, June 30, 2008

J.N. Darby on the unity among the Brethren

J.N. Darby wrote:

You charge us with having Baptists, Paedobaptists, Arminians and Calvinists, Millennarians and Anti-Millennarians, and even Quaker. Well, are there not Paedobaptists, Arminians, Calvinists, Millennarians, Anti-Millennarians in the Establishment too? And Quakers have been received there too: also they have been with us, and have been baptized as became them from the circumstances they were placed in. The only difference, then, on the point, is as to the existence of these views in the minds of those amongst us. They being real Christians, we should undoubtedly feel it wrong to shut them out,and rejoice we can walk together in love. There is only this additional difference, that there is not, through mercy, amongst us a vast body of members who have no faith at all.

J.N. Darby, The Claims of the Church of England Considered, in Collected Writings, vol.14, p.216

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